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The white button-down shirt is a staple of any respectable man’s wardrobe. Every guy should own one.

However, many people may see them as an item reserved for strictly formal occasions. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Classic, versatile, smart – a white button-down shirt doesn’t have to be boring, and it can be worn in many different ways. Read on to learn about just a few.

1. French-tucked

Popularized in the past year by Netflix’s Queer Eye, the French-tuck has taken men’s fashion by storm. It’s quite simple to do, involving a simple loose front tuck of your shirt to create a smart-casual look.

The French-tuck can surprisingly change the vibe of your whole outfit, providing a middle ground between untucked casual and tucked in formal. Simple, yet effective.

2. Untucked

As mentioned before, wearing your white button-down shirt untucked will give your outfit a very casual feel.

Whether worn with jeans, trousers or chinos – this one is for laid-back affairs with friends and family.

3. Tucked

Tucking your shirt in instantly elevates your look to one of formality and sophistication.

Whether you wear it this way to work, or just want to smarten and refine your look on the daily – you can’t go wrong with a tucked in white button-down shirt.

4. With a Sweater

Your white button-down shirt doesn’t always have to be the main event. Layering your shirt with a round-neck or v-neck sweater is one of many simple ways you can broaden your outfit options with a small touch.

As a rule, wearing your shirt untucked underneath your sweater is more casual. Tucking in your shirt creates a more smart-casual look, that also works as smarter day-to-day wear.

5. With a Waistcoat

Waistcoats are massively underrated, and pairing a shirt with a waistcoat is a great way to dress your outfit up or down.

Depending on the occasion, you can either have the waistcoat buttoned up or loose for a more casual look. Worn with a suit, a waistcoat really adds an extra something.

Equally, wearing a waistcoat with a shirt alone creates a balanced smart yet casual look that is sure to impress.

Go for interesting colors and patterns to really make your outfit really pop.

6. With a Bow-tie

If in doubt, accessorize. In recent years, bow-ties have become more and more popular as an accessory worn casually, a trend that could be attributed to Doctor Who or perhaps simply the humble hipster.

Perhaps it’s the way it harks back to more traditional men’s fashion of generations past, or just how versatile they can be that has sparked the revival of the bow-tie as a popular accessory.

Wearing a brightly-colored or zany-patterned bow-tie with a plain white shirt can add a fun and quirky feel to your outfit.

Meanwhile, wearing a darker, plainer bow-tie can smarten your look up should the occasion call for it. You’re hearing it from us, bow-ties are cool.

7. With a Tie

Ties are quite strictly a formal accessory. These are a go-to for office and business environments, so the perfect accessory to wear with your shirt when you’re at work.

Much like bow-ties, you can choose whether or not you go for brighter, more adventurous colors and patterns or not. This also depends on your work environment, too.

Though the tie is a staple of the corporate wardrobe, ties also look great for smart dinners and events and add an air of sophistication to any look.

8. With a Suit

A white button-down shirt and a suit is a classic combination. You could argue it’s what the white button-down shirt was created for. Little explanation is needed here. No matter the color of the suit, you generally can’t go wrong.

Naturally, wearing your shirt tucked in with a belt is the correct way to wear it with a suit, otherwise, it can look sloppy and unprofessional.

9. Top Two Buttons Undone

It may seem like a tiny detail, but it can make such a difference to the look of your outfit. Unbuttoning the top buttons of your shirt definitely creates a more relaxed look.

Even if you’re wearing your shirt with a blazer or suit, unbuttoning your top buttons dresses your outfit down to a more smart-casual look.

This works really well if you’re out for a chilled meal with friends or out at a bar as it puts across a laid-back, carefree vibe. How you present yourself says a lot about your style, and you as a person. The details count!

10. Wear with Chinos

Wearing a white shirt with chinos is a great way to dress smartly, but not too smartly.

Chinos are stylish and comfortable and come in lots of different colors which makes them a great option to pair with a plain white shirt.

11. Sleeves Rolled Up

Another small detail, much like loosening a tie, rolling up the sleeves of your white shirt definitely signals that you’ve loosened up and chilled out.

As well as ensuring you won’t get your sleeves or cuffs mucky, it’s a small, easy way of relaxing your look.

A White Button-Down Shirt: The Ultimate Staple

We hope you’re inspired by our guide. Ultimately, wearing your white button-down shirt with confidence is the best way you can style it.

While it may be considered plain by some, the white button-down shirt is a classic that has and will continue to stand the test of time for its simple elegance.

Check out our collection for more shirts to build up your wardrobe.

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