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No matter how fashionable you are, you probably have those days when you have just a few clean clothes which do not seem to match. This can make dressing up for an outing or for work such a tedious affair. Even if you look in your closet and find out that the clothes which you have left are only plain Tees, there’s totally nothing to fear. In fact, a plain t-shirt happens to be the right starting point to get it that chic look if only you do it the right way.

One of the very nice things about T-shirts is that the emphasis on color or print is highly minimal. The fact that it is neutral makes it a match for virtually everything. The shape that t-shirts come in are very basic and recognizable, and a plain t-shirt can go with everything that you have in your wardrobe. Here we will be considering the best ways to rock your plain t-shirt, so, read below to check out the top trending ideas that we have put together –


Now it is time to bring yourself into the present and begin to shine already. Having a plain t-shirt provides you with the ideal foundation to create that updated look when you pair it with a flannel shirt that is not buttoned together with skinny jeans that have faded just a little bit. If you’re looking to enjoy your weekend with some nice outing but have nothing exciting to wear, get your plain t-shirt and rock it with your best denim to get that quick relaxed look.


Worried that your plain t-shirt looks too plain if you rock it with your skinny jeans? You can easily switch it up by going with skinnies that have patterns. This will definitely create an interesting look for you, and if you are in a rush, this is a very simple but insane way to go out. This is ideal especially when a significant part of your wardrobe needs some laundry work. Try not to go with a patterned skinny that has a very loud color. 


Off-duty occasions are not the only time when you should rock your plain t-shirt. If you pay your T-shirt with a pencil skirt that is streamlined and has a vibrant color, a chic outfit will instantly be created. Wear your t-shirt and tuck it in to create a very formal look plus you could throw in a blazer into the mix with a cool necklace to increase the impact of your look.


Let’s say that your wardrobe is really messed up right now and you have limited options. Your favorite joggers are all that you need to come up with a look that is relaxed. T-shirts, when combined with track pants, are one of the most comfortable dress styles ever. You do not require much effort to pull off this look and by going with a blazer that is a lot more structured, nude pumps, as well as a gold watch you can immediately create an office-appropriate style. 


So, you’ve looked into your wardrobe, and all you see is just a plain white T-shirt. Do not get discouraged as your taste will easily stand out when you rock that t-shirt with killer stilettos, some drop earrings, cool bangles, and a statement purse. Even if your ensemble comes with not so current areas, the accessories that you use can easily divert attention from such areas, but you need to ensure that whatever accessories that you decide to go with do not fight each other for attention. If this happens, you might end up looking garish, and observers might see you as someone confused, so, take note.


A plain white T-shirt will look so full of glamour if you pair it with leather shorts that have a darker shade or a pencil skirt made of leather. This kind of style has a relaxed vibe as the t-shirt simply complements the rebellious look that leather brings and will end up creating an incredibly chic look in a way that is unplanned. Keep in mind that this look may not be suitable for every occasion if you happen to go in very short skirts or shorts. 


If you are unsure about what your look comes off as a tuxedo jacket is one of the best ways to dress up your ensemble. A plain t-shirt worn with a tuxedo jacket is one of the ideal ways to sparkle. In order to enhance the impact of this style, you can simply go with a black & white palette. And to top it up, you can go with leather pants that perfect and black in color. 


Plain t-shirts may not look like they are worth the effort when they stand alone, but if you pair a white T-shirt with your favorite floral skirt which has a bright shade and a jacket to match, you will have created a superb and exciting look. An idea is to pair your T-shirt and a skirt which comes with graphic floral print in order to subdue other aspects of your look.


Monochromatic looks happen to be very impactful no matter how basic they are. If you do not need a white and black look that is just basic, you can pair your white plain t-shirt with a pencil skirt that is white including a blazer. Another idea is to go for a black T-shirt and combine it with skinny pants that are made of leather as well as a tuxedo jacket preferably in black color. You can pop in some different shades of color in other areas like going with a bright lip shade so as to highlight your look.


So you’ve got a flamboyant dress that you love so much and rocking it with a white T-shirt is surely one of the best ways to pare it down. This will help to ensure that your look is not overly intense and can make you appear perfectly at very casual occasions contrary to what your previous beliefs may have been.

Fashion trends will continue to evolve, but one thing that always happens to retain its appeal is a plain t-shirt because it is always in Vogue. For many decades, plain t-shirts have continued to make their way into closets because of how effortless they are. Lots of iconic individuals around the world have worn plain t-shirts in fashionable ways, from Kim Kardashian to James Dean. Lots of people are falling in love with plain t-shirts since they happen to come with the ability to be the unifying factor for every element that you can find in your closet and can help you pull off classic combinations to come up with superbly fashionable outfits. Ensure that you have plain t-shirts so that you can always rock one even when you have nothing to wear again.

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