pants that make your butt look good

Why do we like butts so much?

Science says there’s a reason. It’s probably what you might guess: the hip to waist ratio signals high fertility. Which usually means success in biological reproduction.

Women like butts too. They pay more attention to the ratio of the shoulders in relation to the butt. And, thinking like Goldilocks, they like not too big or not too little.

So, what to do? Find a pair of pants that make your butt look good, of course.

Ten Pairs of Pants That Make Your Butt Look Good

The same pair of pants is not equal for all butts. But there are definitely some guarantees when it comes to pants that make your butt look good.

Don’t risk walking around in average butt pants. Get the best of the best. (And don’t forget finding a great shirt to wear, too.)

Chino Pants

There isn’t a butt that can look bad in a pair of chino pants. The slit-style pockets lend themselves help to compliment your derrière. (The smaller the pockets, the bigger a big butt is going to look.)

Get some chino pants that are slightly stretchy to ensure that they’re comfortable. And that hug your bum, of course.

Dress Pants

Dress pant pockets are very similar to chino pockets, so it’s another style you can go wrong in. Unfortunately, you can’t wear dress pants all the time – they’re universally flattering on most bum shapes and sizes.

Makes sure your dress pants fall on your waist just right. They shouldn’t be too low and they shouldn’t be too high. Right around your belly button is the sweet spot.

Any lower or any higher than that, you’re not giving your butt the best look that you can give. The correct positioning of pants will go miles for your butt, and make it look more well-proportioned.

Classic Denim

You literally can’t go wrong with classic denim jeans, unless they’re the wrong fit.

Obviously, too big or too small isn’t going to be flattering. Pants that sit higher on your waist are going to tend to be more comfortable, and low-rise are going to be less comfortable.

It’s all about fit, fit, fit. Don’t hang on to your pants that you hope will fit one day, unless you’re really going to make a commitment. Get pants that fit you now, or your butt will suffer.

The Skinny

You might have to be a little more daring to try this style out, but they’re sure to be a hit.

Skinny jeans will hug your every curve. So if you’re trying to show off, then this is the way to do it. Play with pocket size to see what size you think makes your backside look best.

Tapered Pockets

Speaking of pockets, if you have a flatter butt and want to give it some volume, there are options for you.

Jeans that have a pocket that tapers in the back help to give your bum a boost. A pocket with a flap style is even better to give your booty bounce.

Avoid jeans that are too baggy. They’re going to make you look even more like you’re swimming in them. Any pockets with detailing, embroidery, or other embellishments are going to help make your flat butt look more full.

Also, a word of warning: never buy pants that have no back pocket at all. You’ll be doing your butt a huge disservice.


Joggers are like formal sweatpants that you can wear outside without people thinking you’re just wearing your PJs.

They’re typically loose at the top with a drawstring. The bottom leg tapers off and is elastic.

Don’t let yourself swim in your joggers. You want them to fit well, or else your butt won’t won’t be accentuated at all. But if you get the fit right in the middle, your butt will thank you.


Sweatpants are about one step down from joggers, so if you’re going somewhere and plan to dress to impress, then don’t choose these as your style choice.

However, if you’re going somewhere very casual, sweatpants can bring the attention to your butt in all the right ways. Get a pair that’s a little tighter on the back end, and you’re golden. That comfy sweatpant material should drape over your backside in all the right ways.

Relaxed and Straight

If you’re dealing with a larger frame, you need to meet somewhere in the middle with the style of your pants.

Jeans that are straight cut and relaxed are going to help accentuate your frame, but not hug it too tightly.

Darker colors also help disguise the fact that you might be carrying a few more pounds than you would like.


It has to be said. Your butt is most likely going to look a lot better in jeans that cost you a little bit more. It’s worth the investment to splurge a little bit, especially because higher quality pants are going to last you longer.

Designers have spent decades on their jeans perfecting the way they’re going to make your butt look. Trust the designers, and put your butt in their hands.

A Belt

If you’re not wearing a belt with your pants, then you need to start.

With the exception of joggers and chinos, basically every pair of pants on this list should be paired with a belt.

If your pants are sagging, you’re doing your butt no justice at all. As mentioned, your pants should rest easy on your butt slightly below your navel. If they’re too baggy and you’re getting a belt to try to fix the problem, you probably need new pants.

No Ifs, Ands, or Butts

Now that you’re ready to throw out your old pants and replace them with only pants that make your butt look good, it’s time to go shopping.

Even if it’s just casual wear, you can get your butt in gear. People (and the ladies, especially) will notice when you pay attention to detail.

Oh, and a few squats don’t hurt either.

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